Tecktonik primer

June 28, 2008

To help everyone tear up the dance floor on the 4th of July SPANK presents the Tecktonik primer:

Mondotek Alive

Yelle A Cause des Garcons

Lili Azian Caresses

Lili Azian Le Crawl

Lili Azian Le Lili

Lili Azian Tourniquet

Lili Azian Lektra Style
Lektra is the ex gf of the main boy in Yelle’s A cause des garcons

Lili Azian La Paralléle

Lili Azian La Paralléle + Lektra Style Werq!

Lili Azian Le Brush
dj Seanb is the Spank resident master of Le Brush

Lili Azian Le Piqué

Lili Azian Brush + Piqué

Vavan & Treaxy tecktonik all the tourist spots of Paris. These boys are straight!!!

Dynamic Rockers I know Fierce street battle what!


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