Escandalo Video Premiere with House of Xtravaganza

July 28, 2008

As promised PHOTO FOLLOW-UP!! :: Last Saturday July 19 at Deitch Projects gallery in Long Island City, Princess Xtravaganza, who was one of the stars in Escandalo’s new video “La Bruja,” sprang to life from the video at it’s premiere by bringing the Houses of Xtravaganza and Ninja together to present runway vogueing magic right after the video was shown. Note at the beginning: proof that Xtravaganza fierceness knows no age :: (“La Bruja” video coming soon to youtube, we’ll post, trust!)

And now, Here’s the whole thing!

Question: Why are we talking about Escandalo and the House of Xtravaganza so much?
Answer: Mainly because they are both fierce. (BUT ALSO because we are planning our fall series of parties, and both Escandalo and House of Xtravaganza are future Spank party performers/stars!!) (oh ya, and DJ Will of Spank co-produces Escandalo).
Thanks to Reavis Eitel, whose blog provided the images above to the world. Check out his other posts here: http://reaviseitel.blogspot.com/


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