EPIC, PhotoSHOOT Loft Party Pics!

September 9, 2008

Thanks to all who made it out Friday night to support, it was by far our best party evvvvvvvver and we raised almost enough to get the next issue of Spank offset printed which is like totally…. HUGE.

Special thanks to, spot owner Aaron Cobbett, performer Cazwell, amazing photographer Jason Rodgers, art hanger Matthew LeBaron, DJs House of Bath (grrrrrrr DAN and MIKEE), door bitch George and dancefloor dominators The Pixie Harlots.

‘XOXO’ shouts to those who came to show love -Andy Reynolds, Derek G, Billy Beyond, Lars, Gant, Nita, Kevin Aviance, Ryan Sorkin, Travis, Ned, Michael, Mike Steady, Jen Lyon, Willie Mack, Bryan of Automagic, Sushi, Michael Formika, Desi & Viva of Escandalo, Milan, DJ Sugartitz, Benjamin Solomon, John Russell, Ari Gold, Kurt & Bart, Christy Davis, Zilvinas, Xavier, Duke Todd, Jaret, Mark Tusk, and yoouuuuuuu.

Wall art from previous issues of Spank by Matthew Lebaron, Photos by Roberto De Luna.

Here are some 46 (!) party photos by Matthew Lebaron


One comment

  1. Great time guys! XOXO, Erica DeLong, NYC

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