Desi Monster & Ladyfag for SPANK!

December 19, 2008

Desi & Lady together host Susanne Bartsch’s Vandam at Greenhouse (150 Varick at Vandam St.) each Sunday, 10PM. This week, Dec. 21st, DJ Will of Spank guests DJs, open bar ’til 11PM!!

Desi Santiago aka Desi Monster

Photo by Nicolas Wagner

What did 08 bring you?
New love, new shelter, new gallery, new friends.

What is your fantasy vision for 09?
Creative collaborations and exponential happiness.

When did you move to NYC?
I grew up around the way….I’m set in stone.

Best thing about this city?

Favorite song from the last year?
Zombi’s track “Sapphire” …it’s from 2006 actually but I heard it last year and love it.

Favorite performance?
Uhhhh, Escandalo’s at Deitch projects!

Hottest looks?
Ladyfag at the Vandam opening. Nude and absolutely breathaking.

Any upcoming projects?
More Escandalo!! Gallery show in Brussels with my love, Jared Buckhiester… Art directing New Years’ Eve event at Raleigh hotel for Susanne Bartsch.

I’d rather Spank a ___goober___ then get Spanked by a __booger__.


ladyfagbypetermartinez Photo by Peter Martinez

What did 08 bring you?
My hairstylist!!!! Since we’ve met he’s been turning me out!

What is your fantasy vision for 09?
Hopefully I’ll be spreading the glamour of female faggotry all over Europe…with my hairstylist in tow of course!

When did you move to NYC?
On March 9th is my third anniversary with NYC.

Best thing about this city?
Living in Brooklyn, I cross the bridge every night and never tire of seeing all the lights of the NY skyline. They beckon me to come join the creatures of the night…and I happily obey.

Favorite song from the last year?
Shameless self promotion…Fierce by DaLipstyxx! Came out in 08 and taking over in 09!

Favorite performance?
I saw Fischerspooner play a secret gig at a nightclub and I’d forgotten how intense and beautiful their shows are. Oh and just when you’ve thought you’d seen every striptease imaginable, Narcisster comes along and does it all in reverse… GAG!

Hottest looks?
If you could roll up Catherine Baba, Daphne Guiness, Roisin Murphy, and Michelle Lamy into one woman, I would get on one knee and ask for their hand in marriage… I’m getting wet just thinking about the closet we’d share!

Any upcoming projects?
I’m doing 5 parties a week at the moment so on my days off I’m pretty content kicking off my high heels and shutting my phone off. But don’t worry, this Lady’s got a few tricks up her sleeves and down her pants for 09!

I’d rather Spank ___the_living___ then get Spanked by __the_dead__.


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