Buy Issue 10 Here or Get it at St. Mark’s Books!

December 29, 2008


This issue of SPANK stacks up as an mighty fine anniversary with an epic photo story from our last loft party by Jason Rodgers and flicks of sexy fave Gio Black Peter by what we hope will be a frequent contributor Nodeth Vang. We also have stunning artwork by Marcos Chin (a contributor who has been with us since Issue #1 who hooked up the amazing cover for us) Jared Buckhiester, Michael Magnan, Olaf Hajek, Terry Tsiolis, DJ and secret art photographer Gant Johnson, and Matthew LeBaron. Plus new hot band Apokalipps on our word association. We’re also kicking off our first annual year end section Oh My Word with thoughts on this year and last from Justin Bond, Del Marquis, Milan, Nita Aviance, Rob Roth, and soooo many other SPANK PEOPLE it will make your head explode.
Please support us! The full purchase price goes to pay to print the issues. You can buy it here, or if you are in NYC you can get this issue at ST. MARK’S BOOKS. (31 third Ave. by 9th St.) They just took our first bookstore order.



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