Spank’s Friday the 13th Loft Party Countdown: Today’s Feature: FLLOYD

March 5, 2009

We used to go see The Black Lips Performace Cult every Monday at the Pyramid in the 90s. Members included Lily Of The Valley, Antony (of Antony and the Johnsons), Johanna Constantine, Kabuki Starshine, and…… Flloyd. Flloyd also used to do the sickest shows at Salon Wednesday’s at Flamingo East. Since then Flloyd’s done all sorts of stuff: made a movie, had a band called 3Puen, etc.
At our Loft party this coming Friday March 13th, Flloyd will be gracing us with one of his crazy dark shows.

SPANK! Friday the 13th Loft Party
10PM – 4AM :: benefit to print SPANK ZINE
Donation $6.66 (ok, $6 is fine)
Must RSVP (private event!) to: spankparty@gmail.com
Music: DJ Will & SeanB + Gant Johnson & Nita Aviance + Bonus opening set by Bryan Wright of Automagic
Show: Flloyd!!
Live Horror Movies; Big Art Group.
RSVP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some selected Flloyd videos:

Flloyd’s Youtube Page: Click Here


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