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June 15, 2009



This issue is sort of sexy, pretty and well.. sassy. Get dirty with a story from Will Powers, enjoy a spread of booty with actual Spanking polaroids by Jason Rodgers and decode collages (with penetration) by Leonard Gary Rizzolo. Get arty with flower drawings by legendary performer Flloyd, and a lovely collaboration by Matthew Lebaron and Billy Erb. Simply gorgeous is the bet way to describe the photos by Devin Elijah (his shot graces the cover). Fashion photographer Terry Tsiolis spent the afternoon with Spank’s number one fan Ryan Sorkin and the result is everything we hoped for. Plus, paintings by Scooter LaForge and a photo spread with zine celebrity Gio Black Peter (who joined us to perform at the release party for this issue) give that extra little tap on the ass Spank aims to deliver. Enjoy!



One comment

  1. […] at our horror loft party and graced us with a series of drawings of “dark flowers” in issue 13 of SPANK. Here we present part 1 of a 3 part series of new drawings by Flloyd. These are […]

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