Pix: Spank at PS1 with Pixie Harlots and Big Art!

July 19, 2009


Wow. Spank at PS1 was everything we hoped for, thank you to Chris and Agnes B for inviting us to play and a huge XXOO to the Pixie Harlots for their concept go-go, it was beautiful and shocking and perfect and to Big Art Group for the gorgeous op-art spinning wheels! You guys made this a real SPANK party. Kissez to all that came, Christy and W. Jeremy from House of Stank, Marcos Chin and Mikee, Paul Ohan, Del Marquis, Jools, Jason, Jeffrey, Pretty Boy & Dinky Dazzle, CK, Wil Fisher and Nolan, Leo, Carry Curren, Dan and Chris, Xavier, Theo Kogan, Will Hooks, Dan Cacioppo and Chauncey, Kevin Tachman, Joe Usher, Bryan of Automagic, Beaver, and hopefully you!

Photos by Matthew Lebaron with additional shots by Jemma Nelson. Video to come by Francis Legge


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