homeWERQ! assignments ANIMAL SPIRITS from Brandon Vargas, Eric Linton & Zachary Robert.

February 1, 2010

Zebro by Brandon Vargas

Frogboy by Eric Linton

Dragon Finger by Eric Linton

He’s not one person
by Zachary Robert

He’s not one person
He’s all over
In the park
In the office next door
In the crest of your theta brain waves

Always impossible
Never permitting an approach by me
But it’s getting to a point where I don’t want folkways
To win

When a tragedy needs death
Or a Bosie needs Wilde
I start to think of what’s necessary to me
Or the smooth skin I can only imagine feels like
Your hairless back
Or the part of your neck that stops growing beard
Or the crayons you played with as a child

Let the family rating end
And do what has survived within
Before history tamed the being

Civilization I can relate to
And mimosas will always taste good
But when I can’t tell people I love them
And when they can’t tell me
Forget it
I can drink from the rivers


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