homeWERQ! from Luke Gilford with Juanita More! & Wil Fisher.

February 9, 2010

Queen Of The Animal Kingdom by Luke Gilford

Luke Gilford is the cover photographer for SPANK issue #15.

Juanita More! is djing Vandam on Valentine’s Day, Sunday February 14th.

Wil Fisher

I’m a seagul
I’m a goat
I’m a walrus watch me play
and twist and turn in every way
slipperywet and moving fast
no care how long this romp will last
laughing loving licking long
we sing and dance the walrus song.
i’m a walrus
i’m a goat
i’m a seagull in the sky
soaring softly flying high
across great seas
and over trees
i glide and glide
through life’s great ride
i’m looking for a place to land
a perfect patch warm in the sand.
Bur when they read what i have wrote
my final beast will be the goat-
his dreams were big like his big goat dick
his heels were high his wit was quick
he eyes with wisdom were silver grey
he took great care with what to say
he lived to love and loved to live
and found what he was here to give.


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