homeWERQ! ANIMAL SPIRITS – the finale

February 10, 2010

by Charlie Welch


Lobo Espejo by Charlie Welch


by Charlie Welch


Zitessa by Adriane Schramm


Stuff It by Will Holt


By Zachary Robert

Ride the dream and turn
-I don’t want to Dad, the horse has gray eyes

Ride the circle, find the circle
You can do the ring
I want you to, I’ve placed it on your talents
Straddle the beast for me
-It has a high step even for a master’s leg

Gray is only a color
And can be just as bendable as the spine of the flower you play with
Forget the garden and ride like the children have all done
They’ve built and played for you
Recognize the history
-No time has passed Dad

Then follow your grass hole and fall when it ends
The bottom I’ll never know
Or ever search to find you there

Flexible stems
-Or spineless tradition
This history ends with your nervous care
Son, you’ve started a past
That neither of us can fulfill
Go play
But note my hidden fear for you

Deer by Joey DeRuy


Lost Soldier by Gregory Werbowsky


Michabo and Muskrat by Grant Worth


from natural by Grant Worth


Flippin Birds by Hungry Demon (Grant Worth and Mark Spalding)

Grant Worth’s A Mission Fantastic


THEME you’re under arrest
DUE DATE 2pm Wednesday February 10th, 2010 until Tuesday February 23rd.
FORMAT illustration, story, song, film/video, painting, poem, sculpture
SIZE width 750 pix
LINK Tell us your website/facebook & we will link to it.
SEND submit@spankartmag.com


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