SPROCKET II: An All-Day End of Summer BBQ and Dance Party at a BK Warehouse!

September 4, 2010

Rocket & Spank present

September 18th (all day Saturday) : 2pm-10PM

Door: $5

DJs: Sean B & DJ Will Automagic of SPANK and
Ron Like Hell & Ryan Smith of Rocket & Soffitta70!

-Huge Indoor Installation by Deputy!! (featuring: the laser lodge, the pyramid tunnel and the panda planetarium!)

-Huge Outdoor dancefloor installation by Jeffrey Burdian (entitled: Siamese Shotgun Dream Team!)
-Performance by BACKSPACE
-Gourmet grill master Leo Herrera
-Artfag hijinx!

HOSTS: Timmy Dowling! Paul Short! Douglas Calhoun! Duane and Tai Chi!

-and you know there’s surprises…

Pics from the 1st SPRocket here & here.

You must rsvp to spankparty@gmail.com in order to attend (and to get location and details!)


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