New Writing from Andrew McKinney

October 30, 2010

(untitled) by Andrew McKinney

Let’s play a word association game.  Whenever I say a word just tell me what comes into your head; the first thought that springs up.  Got it?






No, were not playing right now, I’ll say when we’re ready to begin.


I’m ready when you are.

Ok then, let’s start.  Sky.






We’ve been playing these games for three weeks now, in the beginning I gave them my real thoughts and feelings on subjects but now I just want to go home so I’m telling them whatever it is I think they might want to hear  The word association games are one of their favorites, they’re also fond of ink blots, and making me copy shapes and patterns from a tablet with a set of red and white bi-colored blocks

You’ve gone quiet, is everything ok?

In the recreation room there are six fluorescent lamp fixtures hanging from the ceiling in rows of two  They remind me of UFOs from low-budget science fiction movies, and I wonder if they realize just how easily they could freak the other patients out.

This desk isn’t real.

What do you mean?

I mean this desk isn’t real

Well the wood grain, it’s not really there is it?  It’s just pasted on, it’s an illusion.  How am I supposed to trust you when what you choose to surround yourself with is nothing but lies?

Happy by Andrew McKinney


Aspies ,Fags; and Queers, Spazzes, and any other select group I  might belong to

–               Breaking the long established rules of Art, Life, and Literature

–               A harem of living dead twinks brought to you by Dennis Cooper

–               The droning sounds of robots fucking disguised as music

–               European guys in cute underwear

–               Hairy knuckled Neanderthals

–               Make believe lovers

–               Meth mouth drag queens gumming for each other’s throats

–               Razor wire pubic hair that’s the trademark of Hispanic boys

–               The Realization life is nothing more than one long nosedive into the grave

–               The smell of leather

–               The smell of sex

–               The smell of leather and sex mingling together

–               Stuff that nobody will wear anymore

–               Tell-tale scars and people who have them

–               Things that no one listens to anymore

–               The thought that with each breath you could be inhaling  the ashes of Kathy Acker

–               Your many imperfections


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  1. I really like these. Good stuff.

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