Plantains Release Retrospective Album

November 10, 2010

We’re happy to share the news of this retrospective release by friends of SPANK, the Plantains.
All of the music on the disc was created between 2000 and 2003, and is out on the I, Absentee label. Many will remember their gigs at Fez and Luxxe.
In their own words:
“The Plantains began as something of an elaborate joke, a new wave homage to amuse our friends, combined with fake European accents, multimedia performance art and self-labeled as “retrofuturist kabarett.” Perhaps we were on the pulse of something. Before we knew it, there was suddenly a whole local Electro(clash) scene to get swept up into with parties and bands galore. We focused our energies on performing during that time—there were some great shows—and really only got around to recording by the time the media backlash against the unabashedly image-conscious and queer-positive scene was underway. (Who would have guessed that would happen?) By this point, no one would put out our record, which was too ‘pop’ for dance labels, and too ‘dance’ for pop labels. Ray and I folded the project to create more explicitly experimental work and I handed over my songs to the downtown performance community for interpretation in more traditional cabaret contexts. So It was a great surprise to find out, years later, that a handful of musicians in the Midwest had been circulating our unreleased demo, taking inspiration from the obtuse Plantains Discogs entry, and creating a mythology-of-sorts that this material was now “long lost.” Would I allow our music to be put out once and for all? Of course!

The results are this Career Retrospective, a collection of our best studio efforts. The record is up on Bandcamp for streaming and download, and is also available on iTunes and Amazon. Physical CDs contain a photo-collage and an original writing—the “true story” of the Plantains in all of its incarnations—and are available through the I, Absentee web site. For New Yorkers, the CD will be sold at Kim’s Music and Video.”

Listen to The Plantains: HERE


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