Midnight Magic with Spank at Williamsburg Music Hall 2/26!

February 11, 2011

Photograph by Katherine Finkelstein

We’ll admit we’re under the spell of Midnight Magic, their hit from 2010 “Beam Me Up” is still being rocked at all the major spots in London and frankly it’s got us in a disco induced trance.

Anchored by Carter Yatusake, Morgan Wiley, and W. Andrew Raposo and powered by the enormous vocals of chanteuse Tiffany Roth, Midnight Magic teleported the masses to the dance floor this summer with their interstellar single “Beam Me Up” on Permanent Vacation. Spring 2011 will see their long awaited follow up single “Drop Me A Line” on Permanent Vacation. Mixed by former DFA house engineer and Sticky Disc founder Eric Broucek and featuring remixes by the likes of Juan Maclean (among others), this fiery banger is sure to become the anthem of the love-slave evolution on Alpha Centauri if not dance music lovers all over the galaxy.

Check out their music here

And download a free HOT mix they just did of CUT COPY’s new track “Take me Over” HERE

Most important go buy your tickets for the SPANK show with MIDNIGHT MAGIC and the amazing ESCORT February 26th at The Music hall of Williamsburg!


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