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Party Pixx: Blacklight Loft Party Photobooth by Cielito Vivas

April 25, 2011

Spank favorite Cielito Vivas helped us capture the Blacklight experience with a photobooth early in the night. We love the GLOW that she captured, check out more of her work here:

copyright cielito m. vivas


Spank Blacklight Forest Loft Party 4/23 Host: Xander

April 19, 2011

Man of a thousand looks XANDER was the essential choice to host this blacklight immersion event. He typically has at least one element of his outfit that requires a battery —but more often most of his look is somehow electric. Two weeks ago DJing at Clubber Down Disco when the lighting system crashed midway through the night XANDER saved the day with several strobing (and surprisingly powerful) bracelets. Expect multiple looks and major floor moves from one of Spank’s favorite luminescent nightclub superhero’s. More than enough of a reason to go get your advance ticket now! sb

(Loft Party)
Saturday April 23rd
10PM – 5AM at 12-turn-13 Loft
172 Classon Ave. (at Myrtle)
$10 advance!!


Party Pixx: Spank X Escort X Midnight Magic Part II

March 6, 2011

It’s hard to believe it was only a week ago that we had this crazy fun night of live disco. Next Saturday we do it again at an amazing new loft space with killer sound!

RSVP now:

Pix by Jeffrey Ralton


Party Pixx: Spank x Escort x Midnight Magic at Music Hall

March 1, 2011

Wow, we are still vibrating from our amazing night with Escort and Midnight Magic. We heard from friend after friend how there was a truly positive energy in the room, and yeah as much as we try not to get all west-coasty were were feeling the love too. Thanks to photographer by Paul Wagtouicz for the great pro-concert shots. More of our hand-held point-and-shoot snaps to come. And … Save the date -March 12th Spank breaks in a  new BK loft from a proper night of ass-shaking!


Drawings from Life Drawing: Krause Gallery 1/29/11

February 8, 2011

For the final night of our Three-Year anniversary at Krause Gallery we brought back Life Drawing. One of our first art-meets-party experiments Life Drawing at Spank created content for several issues over the first and second year. Thanks to Anthony Rooar Decarlis and our own Jason Roe for modeling and all the artists who got busy with it!


This week in SPANK

January 19, 2011

There is a lot of SPANK to go around this week.



join Chris Bowen (Bears In Space and Cub Scout, Los Angeles)

and resident DJ Jools Palmer + Dirty Jean at

BASSMENT Wednesdays
Kings Cross
356 Bowery
(btw 3+4)


DJ Will Automagic (SPANK, VANDAM) will be biting faces at


Hosted by Lester Garcia


DJ Will Automagic (SPANK, VANDAM)


with AL B &

Residents  Anna Cavazos, Rob Salmon & Joe Usher.


Spank Issue 17 Release party at Krause Gallery

With living Works of Art by  Kenny Kenny & One-Half Nelson
Readings from Charlie Vazquez, Paul Ohan, & Gio Black Peter

The brand new  issue of SPANK available for sale.

In addition to being in stunning 3-D, Issue 17 is back to our bigger format: eight inches of eye-popping love from some of Spank’s regular roster of contributors plus a few new additions.

Jason Rodgers
Andre Landeros Michel
Kenny Kenny
Scooter LaForge
Walt Cessna
One-Half Nelson
Dennis Cooper
Eric McNatt
Max Steele
Mark Doten
Robert Smith
Ian O’Phelan
Matthew Lebaron


SPANK Zine Three-Year Celebration Gallery Show at Krause Gallery with artwork from some of the contributors for our first three years!

Featuring art from::
Jared Buckhiester
Marcos Chin
Jordan Eagles
Luke Gilford
Naruki Kukita
Scooter LaForge
Matthew LeBaron
Caden Manson
Jemma Nelson
Ian O’Phelan
Desi Santiago
Terry Tsiolis

THEN the official after party at FAMILY FUNCTION

with DJ SEAN B & Dj Will Automagic plus

resident dj Michael Magnan

Hosted by Ladyfag & Jason Rodgers

+ guest host Jason Roe (SPANK)


Holiday Spank Special: Buy Bitch & TUFF, the SPANK scent!

December 20, 2010

Need that last-minute gift for a friend? We got you covered, this week only order the limited edition Spank Scent Bitch&Tuff for Just $25.00!

Inspired by men after sex, jockstraps and steam rooms and brought to life by Cory Ingram the Bitch & TUFF scent is a special moment! With just 150 signed and numbered units available it’s a limited edition one-time-only don’t-miss part of Spank history that you will want to wear every day. In fact, it’s two scents that can be combined or work separately depending if you wanna feel the Bitch or play TUFF. Both have a spicy woody appeal and we smell hints of leather in TUFF and aromas of amber in Bitch.


Photograph by Marek Barry // Still life photos by David Bechtel