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Spank Issue #17

January 25, 2011

Issue #17 of Spank 3-D is out now. Get it here on the website before it hits the stores!

For our 3-year anniversary, we made this issue 3-D!
Amazing work by Jason Rodgers, Andre Landeros Michel, Kenny Kenny, Ian O’Phelan, Matthew LeBaron, Eric McNatt, One-Half Nelson, & Walt Cessna with Scooter LaForge. Word Association with Juanita MORE! Short Fiction by Robert Smith, Mark Doten & Max Steele. Plus Dennis Cooper’s revival of Them.
Support SPANK and get your copy today!! (3-D glasses included!!)BUY ay



This week in SPANK

January 19, 2011

There is a lot of SPANK to go around this week.



join Chris Bowen (Bears In Space and Cub Scout, Los Angeles)

and resident DJ Jools Palmer + Dirty Jean at

BASSMENT Wednesdays
Kings Cross
356 Bowery
(btw 3+4)


DJ Will Automagic (SPANK, VANDAM) will be biting faces at


Hosted by Lester Garcia


DJ Will Automagic (SPANK, VANDAM)


with AL B &

Residents  Anna Cavazos, Rob Salmon & Joe Usher.


Spank Issue 17 Release party at Krause Gallery

With living Works of Art by  Kenny Kenny & One-Half Nelson
Readings from Charlie Vazquez, Paul Ohan, & Gio Black Peter

The brand new  issue of SPANK available for sale.

In addition to being in stunning 3-D, Issue 17 is back to our bigger format: eight inches of eye-popping love from some of Spank’s regular roster of contributors plus a few new additions.

Jason Rodgers
Andre Landeros Michel
Kenny Kenny
Scooter LaForge
Walt Cessna
One-Half Nelson
Dennis Cooper
Eric McNatt
Max Steele
Mark Doten
Robert Smith
Ian O’Phelan
Matthew Lebaron


SPANK Zine Three-Year Celebration Gallery Show at Krause Gallery with artwork from some of the contributors for our first three years!

Featuring art from::
Jared Buckhiester
Marcos Chin
Jordan Eagles
Luke Gilford
Naruki Kukita
Scooter LaForge
Matthew LeBaron
Caden Manson
Jemma Nelson
Ian O’Phelan
Desi Santiago
Terry Tsiolis

THEN the official after party at FAMILY FUNCTION

with DJ SEAN B & Dj Will Automagic plus

resident dj Michael Magnan

Hosted by Ladyfag & Jason Rodgers

+ guest host Jason Roe (SPANK)


homeWERQ! theme FANTASY by Ian O’Phelan

September 15, 2010

Frog Prince by Ian O’Phelan

Bull by Ian O’Phelan

Mirror by Ian O’Phelan


homeWERQ! robot from Ian O’Phelan

March 19, 2010

Cybermen by Ian O'Phelan



March 17, 2010

GUNZ by Will Holt

Under Arrest by Jorge Cruz

No Class Won't Last by Mikie Likesit

Jail by Ian Ian O'Phelan

Zachary Robert

Please forget to remind me of sex

Please forget to remind me of sex
And the dirty illegal moves I used to remember
As yours

Please try and push them away
Out of my newly flat days
When Mondays form out of the same minutes
Last week used

Please tell me to give up
Because even after the arrest
I’ll still try and rekindle
The saving that’s there

Please don’t make a lesson out of me
I’d do what most people do
If I could
I’m not trying to save the world anymore
Just a few blocks

Please feel free to contact me
When I’m dealing with winter
So the frost along my nails
Will be filed down for visitors

Please lose track of time
Because it’s damning anyone
Who doesn’t

Please write
I won’t find your hands if you type

Please grasp that a lot of what you know
About me
Isn’t going to survive
But I’ll try my best to keep at
Whatever you fell in love with

I’ll see you soon
If not within the platitudes

Nearly taken in by the po-po for climbing a telephone pole for an impromptu photoshoot outside of Sugarland at sometime around 4 in the morning.
— Chase Compton



THEME bubbles
START DATE 2pm Wednesday March 24th
FORMAT illustration, story, song, film/video, painting, poem, sculpture
SIZE width 750 pix
LINK Tell us your website/facebook & we will link to it.


EXPOSED, Spank for BPX zine available now FREE in NYC

March 10, 2010

EXPOSED, Spank for BPX zine

SPANK created EXPOSED, a limited edition zine for The Black Party Expo. Many of our favorite Spank contributors are represented in this issue. EXPOSED includes Jason Rodgers’ cover story, a look back a some classic Saint posters, sexy tango violence illustration from Matthew LeBaron, “The Brooklyn Nets” short story from Paul Ohan, photographs by Lou Peralta, illustrations from Jemma Nelson, the unbelievable photographs from Billy Erb and back cover illustration from regular homeWERQ! contributor Ian O’Phelan.

EXPOSED is now available FREE at stores and bars in NYC.


homeWERQ! assignments # 1 ANIMAL SPIRTS

January 28, 2010

Spank presents the first batch of submissions for homeWERQ! ANIMAL SPIRITS. We received a ton of photos, illustrations, songs, collages and poems. Every day we will post a few more until the next assignment is due. Be on the look out for the following theme.

Beast of Burden I by Ian O'Phelan

beast of burden ii by Ian O'Phelan

Beast of Burden III by Ian O'Phelan

Zoo by Naruki Kukita

Photograph by Talena Sanders

Photograph by Talena Sanders

Photograph by Talena Sanders

Photograph by Talena Sanders