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“Seduction, Queer Visions of Masculinity” Opening Tomorrow 4/28

April 27, 2011

Spank LOVES a good art opening and we’ve been told tomorrow night’s debut of Seduction, Queer Visions of Masculinity at P.J.S. Exhibitions is gonna be a good one.

Here are the details

Seduction: Queer Visions of Masculinity 
P.J.S. Exhibitions (238 W. 14th b/w 7 & 8th Avenue)
Thursday 4/28
6:30pm – 8:00pm

Exploring illusory attraction through the eyes of some of New York City’s most accomplished and gay artistic talents on the erotic art scene today, Seduction showcases over 25 artists including Robert RichardsMichael AlagoKim Hanson, Miguel Dominguez and Glen Hilario. The exhibition’s nearly 100 works of art (drawings, photographs and paintings) provide a window into its creator’s vision of sexuality.

Presented partnership with The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Center and curated by Harvey Redding, Seduction, Queer Visions of Masculinity is an art exhibition and benefit for the LGBT Community Center.



March 17, 2010

GUNZ by Will Holt

Under Arrest by Jorge Cruz

No Class Won't Last by Mikie Likesit

Jail by Ian Ian O'Phelan

Zachary Robert

Please forget to remind me of sex

Please forget to remind me of sex
And the dirty illegal moves I used to remember
As yours

Please try and push them away
Out of my newly flat days
When Mondays form out of the same minutes
Last week used

Please tell me to give up
Because even after the arrest
I’ll still try and rekindle
The saving that’s there

Please don’t make a lesson out of me
I’d do what most people do
If I could
I’m not trying to save the world anymore
Just a few blocks

Please feel free to contact me
When I’m dealing with winter
So the frost along my nails
Will be filed down for visitors

Please lose track of time
Because it’s damning anyone
Who doesn’t

Please write
I won’t find your hands if you type

Please grasp that a lot of what you know
About me
Isn’t going to survive
But I’ll try my best to keep at
Whatever you fell in love with

I’ll see you soon
If not within the platitudes

Nearly taken in by the po-po for climbing a telephone pole for an impromptu photoshoot outside of Sugarland at sometime around 4 in the morning.
— Chase Compton



THEME bubbles
START DATE 2pm Wednesday March 24th
FORMAT illustration, story, song, film/video, painting, poem, sculpture
SIZE width 750 pix
LINK Tell us your website/facebook & we will link to it.


homeWERQ! you’re under arrest from one-half NelSon & Austin Downey

March 3, 2010

Cardiac by one-half NelSon



OPEN 2pm Wednesday March 10h, – 23rd, 2010
FORMAT illustration, story, song, film/video, painting, poem, sculpture
SIZE width 750 pix
LINK Tell us your website/facebook & we will link to it.


homeWERQ! from Eric McNatt, Ryosuke Kumakura & Rob Clarke

February 6, 2010

Upstate with Rosco by Eric McNatt

dog by Ryosuke Kumakura


homeWERQ! assignments ANIMAL SPIRITS from Marcos Chin & Viva Ruiz

February 3, 2010

Man vs Nature by Marcos Chin

Marcos Chin, a regular SPANK contributor, has some t-shirts up at threadless. Please go vote for him.

Pussy On The Shoulder by Viva Ruiz


homeWERQ! assignments ANIMAL SPIRITS from Brandon Vargas, Eric Linton & Zachary Robert.

February 1, 2010

Zebro by Brandon Vargas

Frogboy by Eric Linton

Dragon Finger by Eric Linton

He’s not one person
by Zachary Robert

He’s not one person
He’s all over
In the park
In the office next door
In the crest of your theta brain waves

Always impossible
Never permitting an approach by me
But it’s getting to a point where I don’t want folkways
To win

When a tragedy needs death
Or a Bosie needs Wilde
I start to think of what’s necessary to me
Or the smooth skin I can only imagine feels like
Your hairless back
Or the part of your neck that stops growing beard
Or the crayons you played with as a child

Let the family rating end
And do what has survived within
Before history tamed the being

Civilization I can relate to
And mimosas will always taste good
But when I can’t tell people I love them
And when they can’t tell me
Forget it
I can drink from the rivers


homeWERQ! assignments # 1 ANIMAL SPIRTS

January 28, 2010

Spank presents the first batch of submissions for homeWERQ! ANIMAL SPIRITS. We received a ton of photos, illustrations, songs, collages and poems. Every day we will post a few more until the next assignment is due. Be on the look out for the following theme.

Beast of Burden I by Ian O'Phelan

beast of burden ii by Ian O'Phelan

Beast of Burden III by Ian O'Phelan

Zoo by Naruki Kukita

Photograph by Talena Sanders

Photograph by Talena Sanders

Photograph by Talena Sanders

Photograph by Talena Sanders